Midwife Visit 14,

As you can tell by the NO news,

we are still waiting for "Little One" to show an appearance.

Carrie is still suffering head aches and her blood pressure has rises yet again.

The midwife is coming around Thursday 13th to check pressure again to make sure all is ok.

"Little One's" heart beat is content so no need to worry.

Carrie has been experiencing Braxton Hicks with out realising (False Contractions)

Carrie was having one whist midwife was checking her, unknown to Carrie,

 (Carrie is now hoping she will not notice the real contractions!!)

"Little One" has dropped down further and is putting pressure on Carrie's bladder.

Midwife spoke about an induction date if Carrie is further over due,

However it is common for 1st time babies to come late.

Seeing as Carrie is eating plenty "Little One" is happy to stay and feast on mummy.