Hospital Tour.

We met with our midwife (Lynda) at 10:15am to have a personal tour of the delivery suite,

The 1st room we looked at was the water birth bath,

this was a bright airy room with a huge bath with lots of curves and seats (2),

Lynda talked about the fact that you could have it for just the 2nd part of the labour or the whole process,

she also said that I (Roger) could get in the Bath as well and if Carrie's in a good mood deliver the baby myself,

Lynda also showed us around the other rooms and the Home from home room that was like a large sitting room with a lot of huge balls for mothers to bounce on.

There are 3 wards all for different types of births and Private rooms that cost 100 a night,

The Visiting hours are 3-4 and 7-8 only. But Carrie is looking to come home as soon as possible.

At least now we have peace of mind what to expect when "Little One" wants to show an appearance.